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Arts Entreprenuership

TORCH is a fiscally sponsored organization aiming to cultivate a generation of creators through arts entrepreneurship. We aim to become a global network of creative entrepreneurs who empower students from marginalized communities interested in launching sustainable careers. Through our professional development, mentorship programs, and community engagement opportunities we hope to redefine the 21st century arts entrepreneur.



It takes s spark to light the fire for TORCH to light the way. Whether you're an arts entrepreneur, an arts enthusiast, or a believer in the next generation of creators, you have a SPARK that can turn into a fire and compel you to get



Our Leaders in TORCH (LIT) community is full of budding arts entrepreneurs who are all contributing to our vision of cultivating a generation of creators.

Stay tuned for information on how you can be LIT.


Keep Warm

Our Keep Warm Campaign will send updates on how to get involved as they come. Please fill out the form below to stay connected and find out ways that you can be LIT (Leaders in Torch)!


Torch 1.jpg

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If You Are...

  • An artist looking to launch a successful career in the arts with a sustainable income,
  • A believer in the cultivation of arts entrepreneurs within marginalized communities,
  • A successful artist or entrepreneur who is dedicated to using your talents and resources to affect change,

Then TORCH is right for you! Sign-Up for our Keep Warm Campaign to receive our newsletter and updates as we approach our launch this Fall. Please fill out the form below to stay connected and find out ways that you can be LIT (Leaders in Torch)

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